Every day, Michigan State University alumni and friends demonstrate their Spartan pride and commitment in a variety of meaningful ways. One of the ways you've shown your support is through the purchase and display of an MSU fundraiser license plate featuring MSU's Spartan helmet logo.  

The Spartan helmet has come to be recognized in Michigan, across the United States and around the world as a distinctive symbol of MSU and what it means to be a Spartan. At a glance, the Spartan helmet communicates MSU's tradition of excellence and its commitment to advance the common good in uncommon ways.

State of Michigan/MSU License Plate Information

To replace a valid license plate with a Michigan State University plate or to purchase a collector version, you will need to complete the application at the link below. When you purchase an MSU plate, $25 of the $35 purchase fee is given back to the university to support student scholarships and programming.

For an additional pro-rated fee, your plate may be personalized. Check for the availability of a personalized plate using Plate it Your Way. Personalized plates may only be ordered at a Secretary of State office. Your new plate will arrive by mail within 21 days.

Note: A $10 fee is added to your vehicle registration fee when renewing a fundraising plate each year. The university receives the $10.

To Purchase by MAIL: Complete the order form below. If paying by check or money order, make payable to State of Michigan. You may also pay by Discover, MasterCard or Visa credit card. Mail the completed application along with payment to:

Michigan Department of State Renewal By Mail Unit, Lansing, MI 48918.

To Purchase by FAX: If purchasing by fax, you must pay by credit card. Fax the completed application to: 517-322-6822, 24 hours a day/7 days a week. 

State of Michigan/MSU License Plate Order Form (PDF)


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I personalize my plates?

Check for the availability of a personalized plate using Plate it Your Way.

How much does the new plate cost?

Total costs and fees may vary depending on your vehicle, but the MSU license plates cost $35. 

Do I have to be an MSU alum to get an MSU plate?

No. Anybody can purchase MSU plates.

Do I have to wait until my registration renewal to get an MSU plate?

No. You can purchase an MSU plate at any time.

How do I purchase MSU plates?

Complete the order form by downloading the PDF file: State of Michigan/MSU License Plate Order Form.

How much of the special plate registration fee is directed to MSU students?

For each plate sold, $25 goes directly to the General Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarships for MSU students.

When will I receive my MSU plates?

The plates are mailed to the registered owner within 21 business days of purchase.

What will my new plate number be?

Unless you request personalized plates, your new number will be assigned by the Secretary of State computer system. 

Can I keep my plate when I sell my car?

Yes! These plates may be transferred to your new vehicle. Be sure to register your new car and your existing plates with the Secretary of State's office.


Other States Offering Spartan Logo License Plates

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North Carolina