Retail Merchandise Magazine - November/December 2016

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CollegeAd.com - November 23, 2016

Michigan State Has A Plan To Push Their Brand Nationwide

Exposure in college athletics is mostly thought of in terms of a televised game, but what about the vast majority of time when a school is not playing?

A game is in a two- to three-hour window on national television allowing Michigan State, for example, to be noticed by a football recruit and his family in California. How can the Spartans reinforce to that prospect, and more like him, their image or brand as traditionally one of the most successful football programs in the country?

Michigan State is ahead of the curve knowing that its brand should extend beyond the East Lansing campus at all times.

“We see licensing as an opportunity to showcase our brand outside of the university setting,” Michigan State director of licensing Samantha Stevens told Retalier-Mechandiser.com. “The more we can grow the brand in the retail space, the more recognition the university receives.”

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