CAMPUS USE: Frequently asked questions

How does my club/organization or department get approval for a T-shirt design? 

Please see the following pages as it relates to your club/organization or department.  There you will find the steps you need to take to seek authorization to produce your T-shirt.

How do I order T-shirts and/or other merchandise?

A licensed vendor must be used for all campus merchandise, whether for departmental use, promotional giveaways or for fundraising resale. Please complete the Licensing Authorization Form. Once you have obtained the appropriate approvals needed, your licensed vendor may manufacture your product.

When and why do I need approval to use MSU logos?

Anytime you wish to use a university trademark on merchandise that identifies, or is associated with MSU it requires approval by University Licensing Programs. MSU must control and monitor the use of its brand or risk losing its rights to use its trademarks as unique identifiers of Michigan State University.

Can I use the Nike athletic wordmarks?

No, the Spartan Bold Nike font is reserved exclusively for use by the Athletics Department and its sponsors and licensees.

Do I need permission to use university logos for my marketing publications?

You do not need permission from University Licensing Programs to use university logos on marketing materials. However, it is advised that student organizations/clubs check with their advisor prior to printing of the materials. University departments should also consult with their department communicator or Communications and Brand Strategy before production.

Are students allowed to create their own business cards using university logos?

Undergraduate students are not allowed to use university logos to create their own business cards. However, graduate and post-doctoral students are allowed to use the official MSU business card template so long as they indicate they are a student on the business card. To view the design and layout information for the official MSU business card design, please visit  Please contact University Services for more information about ordering business cards.